Risk Assessment and Management:

Silent Spring Consultants follow the Royal Geographic Society Fieldwork Principle 3 for Safe, Responsible and Ethical Fieldwork and the Social Research Association Code of Practice on Safety for Social Researchers

We always conduct thorough risk assessments before commencing any projects, particularly those that involve fieldwork. We identify potential hazards and rate them according to their probable frequency, severity and likelihood. Using the hazard rating we establish the level of risk (low, medium, high). Medium and high level risk ratings require additional control measures until they become low risk.  

Health and Safety Policy:

Our health and safety policy emphasizes the company's commitment to providing a safe work environment. We communicate the policy to all employees and stakeholders, and we ensure it's easily accessible on the company's intranet.

Managing Homeworkers’ Health and Safety :

We follow the Health and Safety Executive guidance on managing homeworkers’ health and safety. This includes conducting risk assessments in stress and poor mental health, using equipment like computers and laptops safely and their working environment.

Working with display equipment at home

We follow the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations and where the regulations apply the worker completes a DSE self-assessment. We explain how to use the checklist or self-assessment tool.

Lone Working

We follow the Health and Safety Executive Guidance on protecting lone workers, which includes working from home.

Regular Reviews:

We conduct regular health and safety reviews to assess compliance with established procedures and identify areas for improvement. We use review findings to update policies and procedures as needed.

Continuous Improvement:

We encourage our team to contribute ideas for improving health and safety practice and we review and implement valuable suggestions to enhance the overall safety culture.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

We stay up-to-date with relevant occupational health and safety regulations and ensure that all arrangements are aligned with legal requirements.


All employees and consultants have a shared responsibility to implement this policy by following established
H&S procedures so that we can all work together to nurture an equitable culture of wellbeing;
raising and maintaining high standards throughout all areas of our business.