What is Research?

Research is specialised and targeted and conducted on behalf of a client to produce a final analysis of key findings. Research is normally conducted by experts in a particular field who can provide reports in areas the company's full-time staff cannot.

What is an Academic Researcher?

Academic researchers carry out original, high-level research that generates new knowledge and progresses current understanding. 

What is Consultancy?

Consultancy is used to describe a breadth of activities; typically short, non-research based and flexible, where you need access to existing expertise, such as:

  • expert knowledge;
  • specialist opinion;
  • contribution to Advisory Boards;
  • expert witness services;
  • production of specialist reports or literature reviews.

How can Silent Spring Consultancy Services help your business or organisation?

Consultancy is a quick and flexible way of engaging with University's and academic researchers all over the world, providing your organisation with access to the expertise you need, when you need it.

Whether it’s an expert in Smart City's, an academic in environmental science with new ideas, or a group of academics who can provide valuable insight to a project, consultancy can help to give you the edge and discover the best solutions to your challenges. 

How can Research Lab by Silent Spring Consultants help your business or organisation?

Gain fresh insights to inform your business strategy, leverage the latest innovations to boost efficiency, or invest in the next game-changing idea in order to get ahead of the game – these are just some of the ways that access to Silent Spring Research Lab can help you. Our  research helps to inform and improve businesses, charities, national, regional and municipal governments and other organisations.

Why hire a Consultant or Academic Researcher from Silent Spring Consultants?

It offers a number of benefits for your organisation, including:

  • access to world-class and industry-leading expertise that isn’t available anywhere else;
  • the opportunity to build relationships with experts;
  • insights into the leading edge of science, discovery, and innovation;
  • fruitful collaboration with senior academic researchers on an affordable, short-term basis;
  • flexible working with academic researchers to gain expertise when you need it.

Who can hire an Academic Researcher from Silent Spring Consultants?

  • an individual academic who needs help with an ongoing or new project;
  • universities who needs a senior academic researcher to conduct research in our fields of expertise;
  • local and national governments who need policy analysis, evidence-based research, comparative studies, evaluations etc on issues in our fields of expertise;
  • charities, NGOs, voluntary organisations and community-based projects who require research and/or evaluation;
  • businesses who need research and critical thinking to solve problems and develop innovations.

Who can hire a Consultant from Silent Spring Consultants?

  • students who require teaching and/or skills development within our fields of expertise;
  • businesses who need help with compliance in relation to environmental and sustainability laws, regulations and policies from local and national governments, industry groups, and regulatory bodies. Keeping abreast of these is time consuming and non-compliance can be costly for your business;
  • local and national governments who require the knowledge and skills within our field of expertise to raise awareness of national and international policy developments and share knowledge of case studies and examples of best practice. We can offer constructive advice on working together and in partnership on cross-cutting themes to avoid working in silos on issues that are of benefit to people and places;
  • charities, NGOs, voluntary organisations and community-based projects who may require specialist knowledge or skills for a short-time to benefit the people and/or places of most interest to them or to improve working practices and relationships within their sector. 
  • If you have a question about consultancy that is not addressed above then do not hesitate to contact us

Where do Silent Spring Consultants operate?

We have headquarters in the UK and clients all over the world.

What is the price for hiring a Consultant?

The 'day-rate' price for consultancy depends on the level of expertise.

What is the price for hiring an Academic Researcher?

We always use standard consultancy fees for a Academic Researcher, because we want to be part of real-world projects. With one foot in the academic world, and one foot in the business world we want to ensure that Silent Spring Consultants is a payable top-level consultancy agency providing innovative solutions to the market.

Other Questions?

Then contact us for a free, no obligation initial online conversation with one of our researchers or consultants.