SSC Newsletter 37: Countdown to the first Belgian Science for Climate Action Conference

Published on 16 February 2024 at 14:06

Next Monday and Tuesday (19 and 20 February), Brussels will host the first edition of the Belgian Science for Climate Action conference, organised by the Belgian Climate Centre. For two full days, scientists, academics, decision makers and private sector representatives will discuss climate extremes and their causes and consequences. It is the first time an event of this scale will be organised in Belgium. A total of about 400 participants are expected.

Causes and consequences of climate extremes

Climate extremes, such as severe droughts, heat waves and heavy rainfall, can have profound impacts on society and ecosystems.

Climate change is expected to increase both the frequency and intensity of climate extremes and there is an urgent need to understand their causes, risks, and consequences. Such events have significant impacts on society and ecosystems. To better anticipate these events, both policymakers and the private sector increasingly need actionable and applicable climate science and knowledge transfer. This includes strategic planning for climate risk assessments, disaster risk management and adaptation.

What steps can we take to improve our scientific understanding around climate extremes, their causes and consequences? What actions should we take to try to avoid them, and prepare for potentially more intense and frequent events in the future? The first edition of the Belgian Science for Climate Action conference aims to reflect on these questions, and give a better idea of the richness and diversity of Belgian climate research. Over two days, participants will engage with researchers, scientists, corporate actors and political stakeholders during workshops, debates, and scientific sessions.

Source: BCC