Where did it all begin?

Published on 23 May 2022 at 20:01

Welcome to Silent Spring Consultants!

Where did it all begin? Well many years ago, the 14 year old me became interested in the environment. I was inspired by Rachel Carson’s book (Silent Spring) which drew attention to the  environmental harms caused by pesticides as well as social movements and campaigns concerned with acid rain, rain forest loss, deforestation, pollution in water and on land and Saving the Whale (amongst others). I was gripped and my passion for our planet and all its inhabitants grew as I joined campaigning organisations – but I was a teenager, still at school,  living in rural Yorkshire and it was pre-internet! So there were limits to what I could actually do.

The time did come however, when some years later I was able to further my knowledge at Durham University, first, completing a BSc Environment and Development and then gaining a funded PhD in Geography. You can read more about my career since then on the About page and throughout the website. The latest step on my journey through life is co-founding Silent Spring Consultants and it is very exciting to be able to reach out and share my/our passion for the environment and make a difference. Behind the scenes at the moment is the co-founder of Silent Spring Consultants and there will be more about him very soon! We look forward to meeting old friends and new as we work together towards furthering knowledge and expertise about our environment and all inhabitants (human and non-human).

Because only by working together can we defeat the worldwide environmental challenges.


Dr Andrea Armstrong

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