SSC On Topic 1: The Decade of Ecosystem Restoration

Published on 30 July 2022 at 19:14

On World Environment Day 2021, the United Nations declared a Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. The key principles of Ecosystem Restoration are:

  • Global Contribution: contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Goals of the Rio Convention.
  • Broad Engagement: promoting inclusive and participatory governance, social fairness and equity from the start and throughout the processes and outcomes.
  • Diverse Activities: including many types of activities – a continuum of restoration activities.
  • Benefits to Nature and People: achieving the highest level of recovery for biodiversity, ecosystem health and integrity and human well-being.
PDF – 2,5 MB 258 downloads
Principles For Ecosystem Restoration A Guide To The UN Decade 2021 2030
PDF – 11,1 MB 224 downloads

To find out more read the guide which has 10 ecosystem restoration principles and the playbook designed for interested individuals and stakeholder groups and which outlines three pathways for getting involved.

This is also one of Silent Spring Consultants areas of expertise so if your organisation wants to delve deeper into the topic, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can make it happen!

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