Books / Chapters

The Founders of Silent Spring Consultants were hugely inspired many years ago by the book written by Rachel Carson in 1962 - Silent Spring and in acknowledgement of that inspiration they chose the name for their business. Below you find the books / chapters written by Dr Armstrong.


  • Banks, S. Armstrong, A. et al (2019), Between research and community development: Negotiating a contested space for collaboration and creativity: In Banks, S., Hart, A., Ward, P., and Pahl. K., (eds) Co-producing research: a community development approach, The Policy Press, Bristol, pp 21 – 48. 
  • Armstrong, A. (2013) Twentieth century urban regeneration policy in Britain: charting discourses of ‘community’ and ‘sustainability’. In Lee, K. (ed) Administrative justice for the qualitative evaluation ChoMyung Publisher, Seoul, Korea (published in Korean), pp 191 – 210.
  • Bulkeley, H. H. Schroeder, K. Janda, J. Zhao, A. Armstrong, S. Chu and S. Ghosh (2011) The role of institutions, governance and planning for mitigation and adaptation by cities, in Hoornweg, D., Frire, M., Lee, M., Bhada, P. and Yuen, B (eds) Cities and Climate Change: responding to an urgent agenda, The World Bank; Washington, DC, pp 68-88.